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The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) has introduced online registration for final year students who are graduating as health practitioners.

This means that eligible students about to graduate as health practitioners can now go online to apply early for registration and smooth the path from study to the workforce. The service was launched on the AHPRA website on 16 May and is accessible to eligible students graduating in the mid year.

Most students will be able to complete their registration application online, while others will use the dedicated web pages to be directed to the correct application form. 
All applications require students to return some supporting documents to AHPRA by mail.
AHPRA is widely communicating a five-step plan for graduate registration:
  1. Students apply for registration 4 to 6 weeks before completing their course at
  2. Applicants fill out an online application (if eligible) or download an application form. All applications require some documents to be sent to AHPRA by mail.
  3. Education providers advise AHPRA when applicants are eligible to graduate.
  4. AHPRA finalises assessment, confirms registration, publishes new graduates’ names on the Register of Practitioners and sends out registration certificates.
  5. New graduates are registered and eligible to start working as soon as their name is published on the Register of Practitioners.
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