Associate Professor Fiona Bogossian
Associate Professor Fiona Bogossian

RN, Midwife, DipAppSci –NEd (QUT), BAppSci- N with Distinction (QUT), MPH (Griffith), PhD (UQ), FACM

Director of Research

Profile and Research Interests

Fiona has clinical experience in midwifery and neonatal nursing and, over the last 20 years has been involved with the tertiary education of nurse and midwives.Fiona joined the University of Queensland in 2005 as Bachelor of Nursing (BN) Program Director and pioneered the establishment of the first contemporary Bachelor of Midwifery (BMid) program in Queensland. In 2007 she commenced as Postgraduate Research Coordinator and is currently the Director of Research. 

Fiona was invited to be on the Expert Advisory Panel for the Review of Maternity Services in Queensland and following the release of Rebirthing (Hirst 2005) was subsequently appointed as a Midwifery Academic for the Ministerial Maternity Services Review Steering Committee. From 2007 - 2010 she was the Chair of the Midwifery Peer Review Panel and as a member of the Education Committee of the Queensland Nursing Council, and subsequently has chaired midwifery cirriculum accreditation panels for ANMAC.
Fiona received a Churchill Fellowship in 2006 for Improving the Health of All Australians and was a visiting scholar to the California Quality Maternity Care Collaborative Stanford University USA in 2009. In 2012 she was awarded Fellowship of the Australian College of Midwives.
In 2007 Fiona was awarded a Faculty of Health Sciences Teaching and Learning Fellowship and in 2008 lead a Faculty of Health Sciences team which has completed a UQ Teaching and Learning Large Strategic Grant to continue work in the development of e-portfolios in health sciences.
Fiona completed her PhD in epidemiology specifically addressing maternal morbidity after childbirth. Her current research focuses on three areas namely the epidemiology of birth and motherhood, enhancing the quality of maternity services and workforce, scholarship & innovation in teaching and learning. She is the Principal Midwifery Investigator in the Nurses and Midwives eCohort study, the Graduate eCohort study, a researcher for the Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI) Centre for Excellence for research in building quality, governance, performance and sustainability in primary health care, and an investigator on three ALTC grants:
  • Using simulation to enhance management of the deteriorating patient.
  •  Workbased assessment of teamwork, and
  • eye tracking,  situation awareness and teamwork in emergencies

Fiona lead a national team of researchers in the Health Workforce Australia National Simulation Midwifery Curriculum Project and continues to work in this area.


Publications by Associate Professor Fiona Bogossian

Research Projects

Research Projects by Associate Professor Fiona Bogossian 

Research Students

Current Candidates  Enrolment  Degree Scholarship Commenced
Angela Ratsch                     Domestic PhD OHMR Health Research Fellowship 2009
Ann Peacock Domestic PhD APA Scholarship 2011
Susan Kellett Domestic PhD APA Scholarship 2010
Mingshuang Ding Domestic PhD UQRS Scholarship 2011
Donna Franklin Domestic MPhil /PhD   2013
Stephanie Power Domestic PhD APA Scholarship 2012
Catherine Kilgour Domestic PhD APA Scholarship 2011
Sara Mayfield Domestic PhD   2011
Aleksandra Staneva International PhD IPRS / UQ Centennial Scholarship 2012
Ben Drescher Domestic MPhil UQRS Scholarship 2012


Enrolment Degree Scholarship Completed
Jacqui Jauncey-Cooke Domestic PhD UQRS Scholarship 2013
Maryanne Long International / Domestic PhD UQIRTA + DVC (Academic) Scholarship 2012
Karen New                                            Domestic PhD                UQRS Scholarship 2012
Isabella Zhao International / Domestic PhD APA Scholarship 2012
Joanne Lim Domestic PhD   2011
Leanne McCracken Domestic Pphy (Hons)   2013
Cassia Drever-Smith Domestic B Mid (Hons)   2013
Ann Peacock Domestic BMid (Hons) Golden Casket Midwifery Research Scholarship (2009) 2010
Anoopa Mathew Domestic BN (Hons)   2011
Helen Branagan Domestic BN (Hons)   2009
Donna Hovey Domestic BN (Hons)   2010
Karen New Domestic BN (Hons) RBWH Research Scholarship 2008
Zara Hart Domestic M Mid   2004
Linda Crowe Domestic M Mid   2002

Contact details

School of Nursing & Midwifery
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
The University of Queensland

T:  (+61) 7 3346 4853