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Gillian Lewis
Gillian Lewis


Gillian Lewis



There is an interest in being able to measure an individual’s level of emotional intelligence and resilience to establish career suitability and to include educational experiences in undergraduate curricula to enhance these characteristics and potentially increase retention.


This study explores possible links between emotional intelligence , resilience and the process of psychological adaptation to emotional events  in undergraduate nursing students in the context of workforce and educational program attrition.

Design and methods

The purpose of this study is to: a) examine levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in first year nursing students; b) assess levels of resilience at three time points and c) explore the relationship between EI and resilience at each time point.

Results of Literature Review

It is known that nursing is a role with a risk of high stress; therefore undergraduate nursing students are hypothesised to be at risk of failing to complete their education program or physical and mental ill health. Links between emotional intelligence and resilience require further investigation to establish whether management of emotions is worthy of inclusion in undergraduate nursing curricula.


A/Prof Stephanie Fox-Young
A/Prof Christine Neville
Dr Victoria Kain


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